Putra Tri Datu

Long lasting and durability of materials are our top and main priorities.
UV Rays, water, salt, dust, bugs, winds, and so on are main concern related to our quality.

Material resources and treatment system which were done by ourselver quarantee quality materials.

Thus, by using our own method and technology and blending technique for process of treatment of materials, runs generation to generation with adjustment to dynamics current innovation keep maintaining our quality of materials at the top.

Besides, keep open minded with new system of treatment and preservation, one among other is hyperbalic Bamboo Bridge we can learn to manipulate and tension of each string to stiffen the deck and bring security of joining of each material, thus again will maintain our quality commitments.

Simple concept on method that we are using can accept the challenges of installation, teratment, transportation, and specialise in long join spans, so far proofed that our quality are matched with our commitment to our customer.

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